Management Group:
From the World to Japan

Cross-border Management Group (CMG) has been developed to deliver
high-quality products from around the world directly to customers in
Japan through our companies REAL MADE Co., Ltd., Premium Foods, Inc., and
Spice Venture.


Providing local support for cross-border sales in Japan

Our goal is to deliver high quality products directly to Japanese customers from overseas.
REAL MADE provides total support for cross-border business for Japan as part of CMG, Cross-border Management Group.

CMG’s One-Stop solution offers a comprehensive
range of cross-border e-commerce services.

  • US to JAPAN shipping leadtime 2+5 Days

    US to JAPAN

    Next day shipping &
    3-Day Delivery

  • Global Logistic

    Global Logistics

    Item inspection, shipping
    Warehouse manage ment

  • E-commerce


    Listings on Japan's most popular
    e-commerce sales platforms

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Analysis and strategies based
    on 30+ years of data

  • Digital Marketing

    Localized Design

    Custom digital content for
    a Japanese audience

  • Import Sales

    Import Sales

    Product registration, inventory management,
    domestic sales

Supporting all aspects for cross-border sales:

Supporting all aspects for cross-border sales
  • E-commerce shop operations
  • Customer relations
  • Online marketing
  • Digital content creation, website design, system development
  • Social media management

Featured Services

  • Delivery Management System

    Delivery Management System

  • Logistics Center for EC (Japan & the US)

    Logistics Center for EC
    (Japan & the US)

  • Distribution Tracking Service

    Distribution Tracking Service

  • Product Return Management

    Product Return Management

  • Automated Email Delivery System

    Automated Email Delivery System

  • Support in local language (Japanese / English)

    Support in local language
    (Japanese / English)

CMG promotes Cross-Border Business for Japan with distribution centers in the United States, Europa, and Japan.

Synergistic Effect of Multi-Channel Sales

  • Sell Directly to Japan

    • Logistics
    • System Development
    • Online Sales
  • Import Sales

    • Import Procedures
    • FBA
    • Wholesale
  • In-country Manufacturing

    • Product Development
    • Sales Promotion
    • Retail

Our Cross-border Management Group

  • Premium Foods, Inc.

    We work with you to optimize sales through our data analysis and inventory management systems.

  • REAL MADE Co., Ltd.

    Our team in Japan provides high quality customer service, responding to customers in real time. We also follow the latest trends to help you grow your brand.

  • Spice Venture Co., Ltd.

    Ready to take the next step for your sales in Japan? Spice Venture will help you import your products for sale in stores and domestic channels

Our Cross-border Management Group

Case Study

Our Proven Sales Record

How about growing your sales ten times within a year? We can do it with you!

We worked together to find marketing opportunities that worked for their brand, review campaigns and strategic sales during platform events.

Their reputation in Japan grew and are now one of the best selling brands in their category.